The Umbrian Riots

The Wyvern Checks!

  • Hostile:
  • 3 Success(es)
    Baby Wyvern has transitioned from hostile to Indifferent.
  • Indifferent:
  • 2 Success(es)
    The Umbrian Riots!
  • Taillehot knocked a miltiaman unconscious in an alleyway. The party tied him up for 1d4 hours and left him in a trashcan.
  • Giles sent a letter to the Duke asked if he needed his assistance.
  • Received letter from Calandra Biros, Interim Advisor to the Duke stating the Duke is unable to answer but thank you for your concern!
  • Convinced a militia man that the Duke has given the 700 Sages the authority to command the militia. He directed the group to see Cimon Nini, the regiment commander, who is currently at the Devil’s Dance Floor.
  • After a pitched battle, the team questioned Whitey and Blue Moon about Sahnd Krulek and how he got into the city. They told him that he entered through a secret tunnel in the Devil’s Dance Floor. Krulek left on foot, and peg, and entered the city. Blue Moon told the party that Krulek was surely past the wall by now. The ENTIRE PARTY crippled both men and left them behind, with two militia men coming around the back of the bar to meet up with them.
  • Rashid, against the party’s protest, left behind a rose: His trademark for when he maims and kills. Horrified by his actions, the party passed their PTSD rolls
  • The party decided to enter the Noble section of town, going through the entrance nearest to the Renovated district. There they ran into a guard who recognized the party from past guard duty. Despite Reginald Scalewag accompanying the party, the guard was willing to allow him entry as long as he was with the Sages.



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